See the huge ACL ship enter the port of Halifax was a thrilling emotion. Have our 4-wheeler on land and drive it again, start the adventure was excitement pure. Scream at each other because it rained was a stupid, angry emotion.  Wake up to the tears of our daughter hot like an heater during the… Continue reading Emotions


Did we mention “salt life”? We got it: beach, sand, sun and waves and we got even better:  A beach with “4X4 ACCESS ONLY”! The Freeman park camping. Yes, we camped on the beach :-))) No better way to describe it than with pictures Everything was fantastic until the sun set and the breeze stopped…… Continue reading Sandzzzz

Music city

Our country road brought us to the music city: Nashville! 🙂 We always wanted to visit Nashville for it’s country music but we didn’t know if we would get this south (it’s quite a distance till our final destination, Baltimore NY). We made it! and were swept like everybody else in a swirl of country,… Continue reading Music city