Blue ridge to blue water

Seven weeks have been gone on the road 🙂  Two have still to be lived…and now we would pretty much like to enjoy coastal life.

Seen that we have enough time until our drive to Baltimore, we decide to head to Myrtle Beach SC.

As usual we try to stay off the highway and leave Asheville on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It’s a very enjoyable road for driver and passenger. It’s really like driving in a long park with lot of trees, green lawn and an absolute peace (there is really not much traffic). The driver also enjoys the road, which is smooth, wide and allows a quiet drive, without too much shifting.​

​The whole 469 miles (754 kilometers) of Parkway would probably have been too much, even for the most patient driver, so we drove on the highway until Charlotte NC.

The slogan of the city says: Charlotte’s got a lot and we are pretty sure that it is effectively so, but we just pass by.  Honestly, for a quick lunch and to give time to Dario to visit a barber shop. In this occasion we learned something new…we noticed that every barber shop in Canada and USA has a pole out front to identify them. We never noticed this practice in Europe and therefore asked ourselves what it stands for. Here the answer for you as well 🙂

Filled of new energies and with a drimmed beard we head to Myrtle Beach, where we overnight in a teeny-tiny campground…;-)

Assigned spot H12 of maaaany (30’000 guests during high season), here we really felt like aliens! The only “truck with roof-tent” in between many RVs. it was an experience!
The campground is huge and chaotic, but it does offer a lot, especially for children. The pool was the absolutely highlight for Kate.

Even if she didn’t  dislike the ocean 




3 thoughts on “Blue ridge to blue water

  1. Godetevi questi ultimi giorni del vostro meraviglioso viaggio!!! Poi sarò curiosissima di sentire tutte le vostre esperienze dal vivo! Un abbraccio


  2. We checked into Ocean Lakes right behind you! I pointed out to my daughter that you were Swiss and I had fun teaching her a little German and French. As native South Carolinians we hope that you enjoyed your stay here and that the rest of your travels bring you joy and adventure!

    P.S. Thanks for using the Bf Goodrich tires I work forMichelin and they are made by us!


    1. Hi Jon and family, so great to read you. Thanks for your message. We will soon fly back home but we really enjoyed this country. Possible also thanks to our 4-wheeler and good tires 😉 good job!


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