Did we mention “salt life”?
We got it: beach, sand, sun and waves and we got even better:  A beach with “4X4 ACCESS ONLY”! The Freeman park camping.

Yes, we camped on the beach :-))) No better way to describe it than with picturesIMG_2432

Everything was fantastic until the sun set and the breeze stopped… then it started, the
I-N-V-A-S-I-O-N of teeny-tiny, invisible and super silent bugs, which literally conquered our tent and forced us to an hotel escape in the middle of the night 😦

Tired and a bit depressed the next day started like this:​

eliminating bugs and mosquitoes @Coastal Carolina Car Wash, Carolina Beach NC

Let’s stay positive, we do not give up and we will try to visit as much of the coast as we can. Positive we are, realistic as well: the bugs and mosquitoes are a real plaque. On the 3 of us today, you can count more than totally 60 bites! 

Mostly for the safety of Kate we will visit the beaches during the day, have our sand-fun and then spend the night in a motel, hotel or B&B. At least for the next few days. 

That’s part of the adventure 🙂


The Cape Hatteras Seashore is waiting on us with more sand, beaches and wheeling-on-the-beach.

Stay tuned, keep calm and kill mosquitoes.


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