See the huge ACL ship enter the port of Halifax was a thrilling emotion.

Have our 4-wheeler on land and drive it again, start the adventure was excitement pure.

Scream at each other because it rained was a stupid, angry emotion. 

Wake up to the tears of our daughter hot like an heater during the toughest winter in Alaska was a sad emotion.

Get completely wet from the Niagara Falls was nature-marvel-emotion.

Crossing the boarder to US setting in our 4-wheeler was another thrill.

Get bitten by mosquitoes, bugs and whatever was quite a disturbing emotion.

Sing the same kid-song for 6’000 of the almost 10’000 kilometers we drove was endurance 😉

Discuss on where is left and where is right, GPS in hand, was the married-couple part of the trip.

Drive on sand along a beautiful beach was adrenaline. 

Be confined in about 5 cubic meters for two months was a challenge. 

…tomorrow our 4-wheeler will be in port again, ready to be shipped back home…we are a bit sad that our road trip is going to an end but mostly we are so very grateful for each and every of these emotions. We saw marvelous landscapes, met interesting and funny people, spoke, laughed and sang a lot, gained the knowledge and gift that only traveling can give.

4 thoughts on “Emotions

  1. Awesome, so glad that your trip was such a great experience. Have a safe trip home and keep posting your adventures just love seeing the sites. Janice and Gordie Spry Bay Campgrounds


  2. viaggiare…un desiderio di molti…un sogno che si avvera per altri…di certo solo chi viaggia può capire quanto sia arricchente in tutte le sfere possibili…siate sempre orgogliosi di esservi dedicati questo tempo e queste emozioni e di aver fatto un regalo meraviglioso a Kate…anche se ricorderà poco dei posti terrà nel cuore le emozioni vissute in quel tempo che la vita quotidiana non sempre ci permette…godetevi gli ultimi giorni…siete fantastici e vi aspettiamo con ansia 😘😘😘 love u CML


  3. Che meravigliosa avventura avete fatto!!
    Di sicuro sarà indimenticabile💜 e non vediamo l’ora di ascoltare le vostre emozioni😊
    Siamo felici di vedervi presto🤗
    Un abbraccio😘


  4. Baciotti baciotti baciotti… siete geniali! un abbraccione
    zia Miki (a Berna sono due giorni che le zanzare sono sparite… magari al vostro rientro avete fortuna…)


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