Aliens in town 

We started to believe that if we would be green we would be less interesting😄 We wish we could be quick enough to register or take a pic with them, our camping neighbors. The most common comment being “did you see that?!” or “that guy just opened a tent on his car roof!” or “holy cow!”…Yes our roof-tent is an eye-catcher and we simply love it

We reached the big city region, Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto.

We stayed a bit longer in Ottawa because Kate got sick with high fever and we had to take her to the hospital for a check. Moving towards Toronto we noticed some differences in the camping style: there are more people, the camping is a bit more expensive, there is usually no wi-fi and they are less oriented to tenting and definitely more RV.

What is really good, especially travelling with a kid, is that different cities do offer nice, big and green parks and playgrounds (we did appreciate Kingston and Oshawa)

Alright let’s close our spaceship alias roof-tent and drive towards the Niagara Falls.

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3 thoughts on “Aliens in town 

  1. Wow sempre bello seguguirvi…purtroppo non siamo riusciti a far coincidere orari e wi-fi ma ci rifaremo…in super trepidazione per il post che metterete alle cascate del Niagara…tramite il vostro blog fate venir voglia di teletrasportarsi da voi…un bacione a tutti Sis Cris e Lu


  2. Che bello leggere di nuovo vostre news e vedervi! Sono contenta che stia proseguendo tutto bene e che Kate si sia ripresa! Da quando leggo i vostri post sto facendo un po’ vacanza con voi 😁 Buona continuazione!!!! 😘


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