This is the “poutine”, Canada’s national must-try meal made of fries, gravy, cheese, bacon and we do not know what else. We think that this already gives you an idea of Canada’s culinary art 😉

What we really miss is the form and substance of “our” bread, a real and fine espresso (in an espresso cup and not in a huge mug!) as well as “eatable dimensions”.

When we camp we usually buy our food in a grocery store and, believe us: it’s a challenge! When speaking of food we are about 2.5 persons and we do not have so much space for leftovers. So, what we found at the store was: minimum 8 eggs, not less than 375 grams of bacon, 10 chicken breasts (however you mostly can buy fresh meat at the counter), 30 slices of toast-bread (each slice as big as our two hands), 4 already packed huge muffins…What is good is that you can bag the vegetables and fruits piece by piece 👍🏻🍏🍌🥔🥒🍅

Speaking about restaurants we learned a while ago not to order starter and main course, but just one of them. We noticed again the difference between the local culinary and table culture and the one we are used to in Europe. We do not generalize because there very good restaurants as well, and not only all-you-can-eat places.

But let’s be fair: this additional quality is not for everyone’s pocket. We easily spent about 160 CAD$ for two people, which matches quite good the level we have in Switzerland… and this says it all 🙂

Here our food tops and flops of our month in Canada:
TOP: fine cuisine with a french style in Antigonish NS:
TOP: the finest and eye-catching “tartelette au citron” from:
TOP: a real fine dinner and with human eatable dimensions in Quebec city:

TOP: fine, nice…like eating at home (our first dinner in the US):

FLOP: Restaurant Quévillon, Saint-Siméon, QC – hamburger with brown sauce on top 😦

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