Not always fun

We posted about gorgeous landscapes, funny camping-neighbors and our relationship with the local food, but our roadtrip is not always at the rhythm of fun and stun.

Yesterday ended with the unsuccessful search for a campground we saw on the internet. At the supposed address we found nothing. Finally we decided to stop in a place we can only describe as a dismissed campground. 

We just had the time to have dinner when the forecasted rain started. The night went by wet and fighting mosquitoes. We abruptly woke up at the sound of a diesel train slowly carrying a huge load of coal up the hill, nevertheless a change of sound to the trucks using their Jacobs-brake downhill! 

Let’s positively start this new day at the search of sun ☀️ and a laundry! Yes, we haven’t find one in a while and we will soon be out of clean clothes.

2 thoughts on “Not always fun

  1. Came across your rig in Pikeville KY yesterday. I was curious after seeing your plates so I googled your blog. Sounds like a fun adventure.


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