Don’t get confused! We left Nashville, had fun in Eagleville, camped in Crossville and continued to Asheville. Must be a tradition around here 🙂

We left Nashville and on our way out we stopped at the Lucky Ladd Farm in Eagleville, where both real and grown kids could have good farm-fun! Petting Zoo

Trycicle Racing Track

Bubble Blast Pool

Heading to the Great Smoky Mountains we camped in Crossville and then entered the National Park.

The mountains and the roads are nice but, sincerely, nothing special to us probably because too similar to the vegetation we have at home. Can’t say the same for the mountains! Compared to Switzerland these are hills! Nevertheless a beautiful gift of mother-nature.

The very big news is: WE SAW THE BEAR! Yeeeeeaaaah! A little, dark and fluffy bear decided to cross the road in front of us (4-wheeler included!). Sorry, too quick for a pic!

For the pure joy of Dario we left the National Park driving on one of it’s few unpaved roads.

We keep rolling, stay tuned!

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