Back into 1867

Friday was a bit of a gray/rainy day.

Never the less we needed a plan to head north as well as give time to Kate to shake her tiny legs. We found a good solution into the Sherbrooke Village.

Back in 1867 there were no cars and children could run free in the village…

This was the occasion for Kate to move, learn and have some fun

Friday ended in the town of Antigonish, under the rain…no worries: our tent is waterproof 😉

2 thoughts on “Back into 1867

  1. Ciao girovaghi… è sempre un emozione aprire la mail e vedere un vostro aggiornamento… bellissimo vedere e immaginare ogni sensazione che questo viaggio vi sta regalando e quanto un grande tesoro possa essere per Kate avere quest’opportunità… siete fantastici… spassatevela davvero… un bacione (soprattutto alla nipota) love u all!!

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